Stand for Literacy

in Over-the-Rhine!








Simply mail your donation to our new address

listed at the bottom of the page. Or use PayPal button on the Home page.


Cincinnati’s nearby Horseshoe Casino brings in many millions of dollars
in just one month.

To continue our literacy mission to the most

under-resourced in OTR we need less than $60,000 per year!


We need faith communities, businesses, and individuals to STAND for literacy with us.

The money is out there. Where are our priorities?


Thank you for giving our students an opportunity for a fruitful future. We cannot do this without YOU. No matter where you live in the
Cincinnati area:

             “It’s everybody’s downtown.”
                           Leslie Cook, Director

Other Ways to Help








                       WRAPPED SNACKS

                       We offer individual wrapped snacks and candy to our students at the end of their lesson:


Dollar-each priced candy or low sugar snacks are a treat for students. These can usually be found at Kroger or any of the dollar store-type chains. 







                       VOLUNTEER TUTORS

                     REQUIREMENTS: 1) The love of reading, and 2) the desire to help another! Most tutors will need to attend two 3-hour training sessions at times mutually agreed upon by attendees.

Thank you for your interest!