17 years of literacy development in Over-the-Rhine!

Our front window message, below:


We are grateful for all donations and give

special recognition to unsolicited grant awards from :

Mary M. McGee Foundation

   Fifth Third Bank, Trustee


Article 25 (street paper),

     Greg Flannery


One of our reading students used our computers to complete her enrollment in a high school equivalency diploma program! Computer access is a huge problem for those who live with a low income. Until all have equal access to technology, we can help.

Over-the-Rhine Community Housing is hosting us rent-free in one of their buildings, 1500 Elm Street, Suite 3.
The people at this organization recognize the value of their residents having an easy inroad to improved literacy and computer literacy skills. We so value their partnership with us and their amazing commitment to the OTR community. We hope you do, too.

We are nothing if not flexible at the OTRLC! We spent the early months of the COVID19 crisis using mailed or drop-off homework packets, phone calls, Facetime sessions, and even some off-site, outdoor (masked) sessions. Then, thanks to donations in early 2020, we were able to reopen the Learning Center for some in-person learning after Labor Day with appropriate health and safety considerations. Not all of our tutors and students feel ready to come to class yet, but we have been accommodating a small student base.

In keeping with State of OH protocols for schools, we require masks and utilize acrylic dividers between student and tutor. Each student sanitizes their work space after use. We have been blessed by having computers (thanks to our tech friend, Greg) and a computer reading curriculum (thanks to a recent grant from Lutheran Church of the Resurrection, Anderson Township) to use with our students to keep them in the learning game.


New donations will keep us poised for new student and tutor recruitment in 2021 so we can reach more individuals who have struggled their whole lives without the gift--or given, that many of us take for granted--of reading well. We can't wait!


On behalf of our current thankful students, and those who await our life-changing services, we thank you!

We are currently open 2 days a week. Come by sometime if you are in OTR and see our beautiful learning space. 

To provide easy access for adults in the Over-the-Rhine area to achieve their literacy and life goals in an environment sensitive to their unique challenges.

1) Basic Reading Program and

2) Bridge to GED Program


We are unique: we offer one-to-one

tutoring in both program levels, and our:

3) Intro to Computers

For questions
or to apply,
call 513-421-3265 




Over-the-Rhine LEARNING CENTER: 1500 Elm Street, Suite 3, Cincinnati, OH  45202
513.421.3265 / otrlearningcenter@yahoo.com

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